Boca Raton begins taking residents' ideas for future of waterfront land Boca Raton residents gave their opinions on how the city should use its publi
Posted on Apr 6th, 2017

One Boca resident imagined people stopping at a hot dog stand after a long day at a city park. Another pictured himself taking a nap in hammocks near the beach or camping at Lake Wyman.
About 70 residents gave their input into how they envisioned the use of the city’s coastal property during a workshop Monday. City consultant EDSA Inc. hosted the public forum to incorporate a master plan for the city’s 304 acres of waterfront space.
“We’re going to take all of these ideas, everything that we’ve heard from everyone, and we’re going to use them to inform our designs,” said Kona Gray, an EDSA principal project manager for the city’s waterfront plan.
While some people had suggested specific projects that the city should undertake, the forum was meant to mine their priorities and goals for the public land along the ocean, Gray said.
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